Hey There Biz Bestie!✨


Join a community of other mamas who want to have it all without doing it all, while also prioritizing their overall well being! At the Entrepreneurial Mama we provide the connection, accountability, support and personal development you crave to thrive both in and outside of business.

Whether you’re looking to grow your side biz into your main thing or already have an established and thriving business, this is the perfect place for you to create collaborations + connections with other high achieving mamas who “get it”. 

Grow your network and create visibility through our exclusive events and workshops held by industry leaders to help you scale and sustain a profitable business without sacrificing your quality of life or mental health.

Our mission is to empower mamas to build freedom in their business while maintaining healthy relationships with those around them so they can live out their wealthiest, most abundant life, without sacrificing their time or energy by trying to “do it all”.

Ready to join us?

Let's be honest...we've all been there.

Feeling like there's not enough hours in the day to get through all of the things we should be doing in order to grow our business. So we end up multi tasking trying to "do it all" and then feel burnt out and exhausted by the end of the day while asking ourselves...

  • "Did the kids really need 20 more minutes with Ms Rachel so I could finish that email?"
  • "Did I talk about my offer, products or business enough on social media today?"
  • "If I just brought in more income through the biz, then my friends and family would take me seriously"
  • "Should I have taken the dog on a walk this morning instead of spending 30 minutes scrolling to "get inspo" for my next post or newsletter?"

As an Entrepreneurial Mama, you're so ready to leave the societal norms of growing a business behind and do so in a way that feels exciting, flowy and most importantly in alignment with your values.

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This isn't your average Women's Business networking group!

Entrepreneurial Mama has been specially curated for moms (and aspiring mom's) who are growing their business to 6 figures+,  while raising tiny humans. This goes so much deeper than just business connections. Think of this as YOUR safe space to get mentorship and support through industry leaders + other high achieving mama's on how to create a thriving business AND abundant life!

We also don't believe in "pay to play" when it comes to showcasing you and your business by using a peer nominated + voting system for our annual award gala that's open to both members AND non members!

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Meet the Founder

Hey, I'm Mercedes!

A multi passionate ambitious mama who's been married for almost 4 years with a 2.5 year old daughter and an 8 month old son. As a manifesting generator in human design, I'm on my 3rd "career" while still in my 20's! In early 2023 I left my successful six year long real estate career to go "all in" on my business as a financial coach and educate women on how to live their most abundant lives, while also creating generational wealth along the way.

My husband thought I was crazy for wanting to step away from a 6 figure career to grow a business that hadn't even made a single dollar yet. And through this past year and a half I noticed such a big gap in a lot of the networking groups and business mentorship out there. 

The advice was great, but hard for me to implement as a mom with young kids at home too. I've met some incredible women in these groups, but most of them are either my age with no kids, or have kids but are much older than me...which left me feeling like I had two separate groups of friends. The ones that are moms, but have no idea what it's like running a business OR the ones running businesses that can't relate to mom life.

Which is exactly why I started Entrepreneurial Mama! 

I'm so excited you're here, and I can't wait to become biz besties!đź–¤