Build a life beyond living paycheck to paycheck.

Helping you master your money early on in your career 

Inside The Abundance Generators Community you'll join Mercedes Collins to learn how to spend in alignment with your goals, access to processes and strategies, participate in bi weekly coaching calls, and grow alongside a private community of women just like you. 

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For the women who...


✔️ Is done with budgets that make her feel guilty for spending money

✔️ Is in debt and decides this is no longer going to be her reality

✔️ No longer wants to cringe when opening her bank account

✔️ Wants to build lasting wealth for herself and her family

✔️ Wants to have money set aside your those big life milestones (getting married, buying a home, kids, etc)

✔️ Knows she is meant for more and is ready to roll up her sleeves to turn things around financially 

This is ME! I want in!

The Community Forum where you get to chat with other members + direct access to me for questions

Access to exclusive trainings with new content added monthly

Live Q&A style coaching calls held twice a month

Access to all resources I use to keep track of and manage your money

Member only discounts to my other programs

I can help because I've overcome it myself

I've spent a decade educating myself about all things money + finance 


I know exactly what it feels like to live paycheck to paycheck and feel like you should be handling your money better. After coming to the realization that if I kept doing what I was doing, then I would never achieve the financial + time freedom I craved. 

I got to work, paid off $50,000 of credit card debt while saving 6 months of living expenses. Doing all this gave me the flexibility to leave my 9-5 job and go all in on my coaching business, which I can do from home. I now also have investments in real estate and the stock market.

However, it's not just my life that has been changed. I've worked with countless other women showing them how they can do the same!



"As someone who has limited background experience when it comes to money, I felt like I learned a lot from Mercedes with topics in budgeting, refinancing, investing, and savings. She gave me a boost in self-confidence around money that I felt like I was lacking prior to the program."

- Brittney S.

"I have habits in place now, with weekly money dates so I can be sure I’m spending according to my goals & knowing exactly where my money was being spent. I save money so much more intentionally now and it’s created a lot of peace and clarity. Mercedes is sooo knowledgeable, brings both research & personal experience to the table & is able to break things down super simply for those who feel they don’t “speak” money. It was 1000% worth it"